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What is Ebie?
We are an InsurTech start-up set out to rethink the rental process. We offer an insurance alternative to the traditional security deposit. Instead of locking up cash in a deposit or bank guarantee, you can use our insurance solution to satisfy the landlord's need for protection. The deposit insurance fulfills all security demands in your rental contract.
Which rental contracts can you insure?
We insure commercial rental contracts.
What does it cost to apply for the insurance?
It is completely free to apply!
How much does you insurance cost?
The cost of the insurance depends on many variables. It depends both on you as a renter and on the rental contract. But not to worry, the cost is minimal in comparison to placing a deposit. A typical yearly premium is somewhere around 2-4% of the total insured security amount.
Will my landlord accept your solution?
Landlords appreciate our solution too! Our insurance solution is as safe as a traditional deposit, smoother than a bank guarantee, and easy to administer. If your landlord currently does not offer our solution as a deposit alternative we will reach out to them.
How long does your insurance last?
Our insurance lasts for the duration of the rental contract. It is also renewable, so if your company wishes to renew your rental contract we can extend the protection to best suit your needs.
What happens if I wish to cancel my insurance policy before the rental contract period ends?
You can cancel the policy whenever you want. But bear in mind that the landlord most likely will require you to replace it with another security as demanded by the rental contract. If the policy is cancelled prematurely we will, of course, return the premium for the remaining period.
What happens if my landlord submits a claim?
When the landlord submits a claim it means that they have an outstanding payment that the renter has not paid. That's when we step in, compensate the landlord, and take over the right to receive payment. In the next step, we contact you to arrange a payment plan. So in the end, the solution functions as a regular deposit where the renter pays for breaches to the rental contract. The main difference is that you do not lock up your cash.
What damages do you cover?
We cover all damages that would normally be deducted from the deposit. In the case that the claim is in dispute we do not compensate the landlord until the dispute has been resolved.
What happens if Ebie goes bankrupt?
In the unlikely case of Ebie going bankrupt, you do not have to worry. All our policies are underwritten by a large insurance company with an investment-grade credit score, which means the protection always remains.

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How it works

You are a fintech startup? How is that risk-free? We may be the new kids on the block, but our focus is certainly long-term. We've partnered up with the insurance company Gar-Bo, which underwrites all our insurance policies. Regardless of what happens to us, the insurance policy will be in effect. Have a look at our legal information if you want complete information about the insurance terms. If something is still unclear, don't hesitate to reach out at We greatly appreciate feedback and questions.
Ebie is a trademark that Rentfair AB owns and operates under. Rentfair is registered at Bolagsverket as an insurance distributor to Gar-Bo, on which account Rentfair operates. Rentfair has through agreements taken upon itself to, without exception, distribute deposit insurance (also known as rental guarantee insurance), which is damage insurance in insurance class 14, for Gar-Bo's account.
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